You will need
  • - oxygen bleach;
  • Persol;
  • - acetic acid;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • powder with optical otbelivatel.
Purchase oxygen bleach. If you have bad water, pre-filter it or boil and allow to settle. Dissolve the desired amount in water (specify the dosage in the instructions). Soak the item for several hours or overnight, and then just wash it in the washing machine or by hand.
Add with each wash Persol. It is sold in hardware stores in bags, and something like a normal powder. But the remedy is used as a bleach and stain remover. If linen cloth is much faded, soak it in a solution of parsoli and washing powder for 12 hours. Don't worry, the product will not spoil.
Make a weak solution of acetic acid – 5-7%. Pour the liquid into an enamel bowl, soak it in fabric, container cover and leave for a few hours. Then you just have to wash the product in the usual way.
Bleaching properties and the hydrogen peroxide. Add per liter of water 3 tablespoons of liquid. Soak the item for a day or at least for the night. In the morning the effect is obvious – the fabric will be lighter.
Buy a good powder composed of optical Brightener. This is perhaps the safest way to get rid of yellowness and dullness of the fabric. Wash things only with the powder and clean water. After a short period of time, linen fabric white.
Contact the dry cleaning, if you have never got to whiten the linen fabric. Will help you to do this for a fee.