You will need
  • the firmware program;
  • - utility for flashing;
  • cable connection to the computer;
  • - skills in Photocopying services with the knowledge of the aspects of the model;
  • service manual.
Download software firmware with a utility to perform this action. Firmware select the version of the current software, which you can read by printing a file system information according to the user manual that comes with the purchase of the device.
Programs firmware better to choose the official version. If you perform a software update prior to the expiration of the warranty period, read carefully the terms of the contract. It is possible that this procedure deprives you of warranty obligations.
Install the software for the firmware in its sole discretion. It is best to check downloaded software for viruses. Downloaded firmware, open via menu "File".
Mandatory disconnect the printer from the power source, then connect it to your computer. Run the firmware, follow the system and run the update. Wait until the end of the procedure (may take several minutes) and execute the printout of the system file.
Download service manual for your model. Most often they are available only in English. Without it, it is better not to execute the firmware, because the wrong sequence, you may damage the printer. You can use the material available at the following link:
If you have not performed a firmware upgrade of the printer, do not hold to do it yourself and contact the service centers in your city that serve copiers. They provide a guarantee for the performed work. In the event of faults in the software of the printer until the warranty period expires, contact the seller or manufacturer's representatives in your region.