Start with the simplest option to install drivers for any peripheral device, turn on the power connected to the network and the computer printer. In modern operating systems integrate their own database drivers, which include thousands of different versions and manufacturers. Upon detection of each newly connected device, the OS tries to identify him and to find the appropriate driver available in the integrated set. If it succeeds, you will see a notification about the successful identification and installation of the printer - it will appear in the lower right corner of the desktop, in the tray.
If this doesn't work, use the software disk that should be in the printer box. Install it in the CD and wait for the menu screen. If the OS prompts you about whether to enable the autorun program, answer in the affirmative - the emergence of this request depends on the settings of the OS. In menu, select installation driverthat can be worded differently for different versions of the printer. Then will begin a special program - the installation wizard. Just follow his instructions, and it is likely that they will not, and the wizard will do everything on their own.
In the absence of an optical disc download the required installation files from the Internet. Use the Russian site Canon - link to its homepage are given below. In the right column of this page is a form to search for information related to the desired printer model. Use the form, download the installation file and run it. Then begin to work described in the previous step, the installation wizard of the printer - follow the instructions until the end of the driver installation process.