Refill Canon PG-30, PG-40 and PG-50 inkjet printers is easy. Put the cartridge on paper towel, then very carefully drill a hole in the recess in the bottom of the cartridge, just below the icon "B".
Dial a syringe of 20 milliliters of black ink, very carefully and slowly enter it into the drilled hole. Remove the needle of the syringe and seal the hole with tape. Refueling is done. Put the cartridge into the printer and leave it on for 5-8 hours, then 2-3 cleaning cycles. To reset the counter, notifying about an empty cartridge, press and hold button feed paper.
Before you refill your Canon PIXMA IP4300 and the like prepare the five syringes according to the number of ink bottles. Don't forget that the printer installed just two cartridge in black color with different sizes. A small cartridge is refilled with ink, water-based, high – pigment-based. The first one is used when printing images, the second when printing text.
Prepare some paper napkins so as not to smear the table. Turn on the printer, open the top cover. When the printer push the cartridges, proceed to the gas station. You can start with any cartridge, but it is better to fill in order from left to right (or Vice versa). Remove the first cartridge, put it on a napkin.
Take a sewing needle, hold it with pliers and heat in the flame of the lighter. Then a hot needle, very carefully pierce a hole in the right front corner of the cartridge. The diameter of the hole should be such that it held a needle syringe. If around the hole formed molten roller, carefully cut it with a sharp knife or razor blade.
Dial a syringe full of ink of the desired color, place the cartridge in the bottom hole above the ink bottle (to press out drops dripped into the vial). Insert the needle of the syringe into the holes and insert the cartridge, the ink level should almost reach the hole. After that, take the needle of the syringe and seal the hole with tape. Refueling is finished, insert the cartridge into the printer.
Other cartridges are filled the same way. Do not mix black ink on the bottle for the large cartridge must be the words "Pigment". Note that after refilling the printer will still display information that the cartridges are empty. When this message appears, just click "Continue printing", the ink level sensor of the appropriate cartridge will be disabled.
Refill laser Canon printers also is not very difficult, but requires accuracy. One of the most common is the Canon cartridge EP-22, it is used in the Canon printers LBP-800, Canon LBP-1120 etc. For the filling you'll need toner HP AX (5L, 1100).
Remove the protective cover covering the drum, prying it with a screwdriver under the axle. Do this very carefully, not to lose the spring. Then use the pliers to remove the drum axle from the gear. Pry the halves of the cartridge and carefully, picking only the gear, remove the drum unit. Wipe it with a soft cloth and put in a dark place.
With tweezers, remove the PCR – rubber is right under the drum unit. Touch it with fingers! Wipe from scale and set aside. Then remove the axle that holds the spring-loaded halves of the cartridge. One axle is removed to the outside, the other inside. If the cartridge had not refueled, the second axis emboss inside with a hammer, it should break through the plastic partition.
Remove the blade cleaning by unscrewing the two screws on the edges. Clean the tank of debris, put the blade in place. In the second half of the cartridge (toner) remove the cover on the side opposite the gears, to do this, Unscrew its retaining screw. Remove the cap from the filling hole and using a funnel to gently pour in the new toner hopper. Do not go to sleep until the toner filling hole, leave about two inches free space. Otherwise, the cartridge may jam.
Close the stopper in the filling hole, reassemble the cartridge in reverse order. Wipe it from the remnants of toner, lightly shake to evenly distribute the toner in the hopper. Insert into the printer, close the cover. Print a couple of test pages. The first page may be slightly stained with toner, the print quality will be normal.