You will need
  • - liquid soap or dishwashing;
  • universal cleaning wipes;
  • - melamine sponge;
  • - vinegar;
  • - toothbrush;
  • - cloth and sponge.
Plastic utensils are best washed in warm water with mild soap or gel. Do not use boiling water and very hot water and cleaning agents containing abrasive particles. To wash the stuck food residue, dissolve the gel for washing dishes in a container of warm water and soak in it the plates and bowls out of plastic. Wait about half an hour, treat your cookware with a sponge and rinse with clean water.
The scum inside the plastic dummies is washed solution of vinegar. Fill the kettle with water and add a couple tablespoons of table or wine vinegar. Turn the unit on, let the water boil. Wait half an hour, dump the water and wipe the kettle with a soft sponge, erasing the remnants of scale. If the hard plaque is not removed fully, repeat the procedure. A weak acid is harmless to plastics. After processing, thoroughly rinse the dishes with clean running water.
To clean contaminated furniture from plastic, dissolve the gel detergent or detergent in warm water (1 tablespoon of the funds per liter of water). Wipe contaminated surface with a sponge dipped in this liquid, the remnants of the soap solution wipe with a cloth soaked in clean warm water. Wipe off wet furniture dry.
Black marks from shoes and other debris from the plastic chairs can be removed with a melamine sponge. Lightly moisten it, wring and wipe the soiled areas. Similarly, you can destroy traces of felt-tip pens and ballpoint pens.
To clean baby plastic toys, prepare a mixture of warm water and baby soap or shampoo. Soak the toys in a deep tank with solution and leave them to soak for half an hour. Armed with an old toothbrush and carefully clean the joints, grooves and other places where dirt accumulates. Cleaned rinse the toy in clean water and lay them to dry.
Plastic window frames, wipe with a cloth moistened with the cleaner glass. This not only washed the frame, but also give them Shine. For quick cleaning you can use cleaning wipes. Before use, inspect the packaging contraindications for cleaning plastic products.