You will need
  • - wooden block;
  • - flannel;
  • - liquid plastic Cosmofen;
  • the solvent 646;
  • - a marker for plastic Windows.
Wash thoroughly the surface with a wet sponge, without the use of detergents because they may destroy the structure of plastic. Well and then wipe dry the window. Put the gloves on. Repair small and shallow scratches by using a soft fabric for example flannel. To do this, fabricate a makeshift cushion for sanding. Take a wooden bar length of 15 cm. To it attach a few layers of soft cloth or cotton to make a layer it is necessary that in the future not to cause further harm to the window. The basis of the secure flap non-coarse fabric. Take received a homemade cushion and grind a scratch on the window.
Take the liquid plastic, for example, Cosmofen, and put them over deep and large scratches. The tool can be purchased in companies that sell accessories for plastic Windows. He should be treated with caution, as the solution contains acetone. Take the flap of rough cloth, put on it slightly and wipe the window surface in a circular motion until you achieve the desired result. Then wipe the plastic clean and dry cloth. After work, they must be disposed of.
Prepare the solvent 646 and remove deep scratches. Take a wet rag and a piece of cotton wool. Lightly dampen a swab with solvent. Lightly wipe the scratch. As only slightly dissolve the plastic, immediately wipe it with a damp cloth so that the solvent is not corroded more plastic than required. Repeat these steps until you achieve the desired result. As the solvent is strong enough, first practice on a regular piece of plastic.
Take the special token and remove scratches with laminate Windows (with glued film "under the tree"). Purchase it from sellers of accessories for plastic Windows. Pick up the token of the right color. Clean the surface and throughout the length of the scratch in one motion paint.