To melt a plastic bottle you can use hot water, but it is dangerous and fraught with burns. Better use an open flame of a lighter or a candle. If you do not bring the plastic too close to the fire, he creates intricate curves and after a firing resemble glass. This is used by many of the masters, creating a whole work of art.
How to melt plastic bottle
Japanese master melt plastic containers for eggs and bottles to create artificial flowers. In Russia this technique was adopted by the Spring Galina from the city of Togliatti and gave her the author's name "Bijouterie", that is jewelry that is created from the former packaging. Cutting blanks from plastic bottles, the artisan creates flowers of various shapes, using them to create bracelets, earrings and beads. This technique, which allows you to easily and beautifully to dispose of plastic, is becoming more common and popular in our country. You can learn it with the help of video lessons.
How to melt plastic bottle
To make beautiful Lily, cut out of a plastic bottle preform. They represent 4 squares of various sizes - 6x6, 5x5 and 4x4 cm. Then in the middle of each side of the square, make a cut, little short of center. After you take a round nail scissors and cut them sharp corners so as to form 4 petals.
If you want a slightly rounded petal, keep the plastic in 20-25 centimeters from the fire. The closer you move the workpiece from a plastic bottle, the more it spun, forming a tight Bud. Hold the petal with the pliers or pliers, giving directions. After the edges of the petal will melt, it will become like glass.
How to melt plastic bottle
Take an awl or a thick sewing needle and secure it in the pliers. Will rascality it over the fire and make a hole in the center of each flower. Then combine them together at the bottom of the largest, and in it insert the flowers smaller. Thread the resulting hole line and nanizhite on her beads, or beads. So not only do you get the core, but also secure attachment. This flower can be mounted on a bead bracelet, the bezel, the base for rings or earrings for Svente.
How to melt plastic bottle
Even the most common household materials to create beautiful things. Most importantly in this case - only your imagination.