Advice 1: How to shorten a skirt

If you have a wardrobe appeared skirt original style, cut which flatters the figure, wonderful color and good fabric pleasing to you, but the length of the skirt too big, this disadvantage can be eliminated by exerting effort and spending a little time.
How to shorten a skirt
You will need
  • - cm tape, ruler;
  • crayons, pins;
  • - sewing machine, overlock machine;
  • - adhesive tapes;
  • - threads;
  • - iron.
Specify the length of the product

Wear shoes and try on a skirt in the mirror. Ask to look at ourselves and find the best option length. Make a small mark or stick pin. Remove the skirt, put it on the table and unfold. Measure the distance from the edge of the product to the mark you made when fitting. With a ruler and flat chalk mark this distance 5-7 cm across the width of the hem. Smoothly connect the dashes - this is the new bottom line.
Leave extra fabric for hemming skirts

From the chalk line down, put 2-3 cm around the hem and do another line. It cut the fabric and treat the line of cut. To do this, use special serger or overlock stitch on your sewing machine. Lightly iron the serged edge of an iron through a damp cloth. If you slightly shorten the product, the chalk mark can be matched with decorative stitching at the hem of the skirt. In this case, the first strut position, amperite it, and then measure the desired inches. If you shorten a skirt with a slit, the first strut amperite stitching and iron the hem. Cleave the pin or staple the two parts, and then with a ruler and tailor's chalk the planned line.
Gently podkalivat pins, fold the skirt on the top line. Propecia thread and otparit ACC. Now you can sew the product in a way that is more suitable to the fabric. If the skirt is made of dense matter, use
the adhesive cobweb. Put it in so that its edge coincides with the edge of the ACC. Iron the bottom of the skirt using a damp cloth with a hot iron. For warm products thick fabric is better to sew by hand, using strong thin thread. The final touch in the design of the skirt will be executing decorative stitching at the distance of 0.3-0.5 cm from the bottom.
The edges of the skirts from fine fabrics quickly crumble, so they should be treated quickly.
Useful advice
If the hem is uneven, it must first align, and then charting a new hem line.

Advice 2: How to shorten the dress

As a General rule, any representative of the female half, always worried about what to wear tonight. And even when shelves are filled with all sorts of skirts, dresses, blouses and pants to wear nothing anyway. Because you want to be unique, individual and sophisticated, I want something new, fashionable and beautiful.
How to shorten the dress
You will need
  • dress, sewing machine, thread, matching color, the tape, ruler, decorative ornaments in the form of braid or lace, scissors, chalk and pins.
Do not rush to throw away the boring old clothes, in particular dresses, because they you will be able to make a wonderful new wardrobe items. It will take a few hours and does not require material investment, as required by the purchase of new outfits. How to shorten a dress with their hands, this will be discussed below. What need from you? Stock up on the small amount of time, patience and wide imagination, then you can safely begin to alter outdated outfit.
Put on a long dress, which has long been gathering dust in your closet itself. Stand on heels and go to the big mirror.
Fit the dress, making it different lengths, and mark the one that most came and liked you. Remember, if you make product initially too short subsequently to return it to its original length would be impossible. Carefully and accurately perform all measurements of length.
Schedule any length directly into myself with the help of pins.
Remove the dress and lay it on the table. When you do this, be aware that the product must not have extra folds and assemblies, it should be carefully protogene before the process of shortening. Align the cutting line (the line where the pins) with a flat iron, Zagladin it accordingly.
Take a ruler and chalk, othertime line parallel smoothed at a distance of approximately 1.5 cm from her. This distance will go to the ACC region of your dress.
Cut the product at the target with a chalk line. Treat the edge of the fabric dresses for special overlock.
Take the prepared ribbons or lace. Attach the decoration to the dress so that the edge of the lace was applied to the smoothed band.
Pristrochite on a typewriter lace (braid) to the product. Try on a dress.
In addition to the length of the dress, so you can shorten as desired and sleeves products, and gave them the same decorative trim as the hem of the dress.

Advice 3: How to sew a skirt-flashlight

Skirt flashlight is a great model that allows you to add hips to the splendor of excessive thinness and to emphasize beautiful legs. In addition, she is very feminine, allowing you to wear it both at work and on a date. How to sew myself a skirt, a flashlight, without the help of Studio?
How to sew a skirt-flashlight

Pattern and sewing skirts-flashlight

Typically, this skirt women sew on their own in that case, if you do not find a suitable model, color or length in the store. For patterns you need to take the fabric rectangle, the length of which corresponds to the hip measurement plus 5 inches) and carve out of it a long belt top edge. Belt length should be equal to the waist – at desire it is possible to add allowances on bilateral bow.

Skirt-lantern cut out pattern similarly to the conventional skirt ducklike, but it contains the lining, which is shorter than the rest of the fabric for 10 inches.

Then cut out the bottom chord, the length of which corresponds to the waist measurement (plus 8 inches). After that the top edge of fabric to prioraty to the size of the waist and the bottom to the size that would be free to walk in the skirt. Then you sew the side seam, leaving the top 10 cm. Long upper belt reinforced center material, and then folded in half and with wrong side up, and the long and short edges are sewn to the waist. Then the skirt is turned over and its upper edge is sewn long girdle, and the lower folded half ribbon or elastic band. After Ironing it with an iron skirt the flashlight is fully ready.

What to wear with a skirt-flashlight

Today it is fashionable to sew a skirt-flashlight simple shirt or top of any suitable hue to it – the result is a stylish and original dress. Because the skirt is very lush, to combine with other things she needs right – now, the upside to it is better to choose in the form of blouses, tops or shirts must be contrasting narrow and without sleeves or collars with high volume. From the simplicity of the cut of the top will depend on its harmonious combination with the skirt and the torch. Do not try to combine with this skirt sports top.

Best of all this skirt looks great on slender girls and women because it adds volume to the hips.

From the shoes to the skirt-fit flashlight of different options – so if the model looks, youth and sports, under it you can wear sneakers, ballet flats and flip flops that are perfect for resort locations. Strict and business models skirts flashlight is best combined with classic heels, while her moccasins absolutely not compatible, such as the ensemble are able to visually shorten the length of the legs. The ideal choice are sandals, ankle boots and pumps – in this case, the longer the skirt, the flashlight, the higher should be the heel.
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