You will need
  • -thread to match the dress;
  • -needle thickness of thread;
  • -sewing machine;
  • -overlock;
  • -iron.
The hem of the dress of a thin fabric fold twice. First make ACC at a distance of 0.5-0.7 cm from the edge. If this is your first time undertook a similar exercise, baste it and zautyuzhte. A more experienced seamstress that can and can not do, simply ensure that the ACC was smooth. The second time fold the hem 1-1. 5 cm long and keen.
Hem hem a hidden seam. Sew in one thread, starting from the side seam. If you sew a skirt, you can start from any place. Hide the knot between the top edge of the hem and the wrong side of the hem. Withdraw the needle to the top of the ACC and drag the string. Insert the needle into the hem at a distance of 0.3 — 0.5 cm from the first puncture. Grab 1 thread behind the new puncture and pull the working thread on the wrong side. Again insert the needle into the top of the ACC, lock on 1 thread behind the needle puncture and pull. Thus sew to the end.
If you need to hem the coat or skirt from a thick but difficult to spill and fabric, sewn edge or treat it with a serger. Fold the hem 1 time and zautyuzhte. Hemming in the same way as the dress of a thin fabric, only the stitches can be bigger.
Coat from raincoat fabric or dress denim, you can just stitch. Fold it 2 times, as in the first case. Keen and sew, stepping 0, 2-0, 3 cm from the edge of the ACC. In some cases, you can do decorative stitching on the front side.
Shortening a pleated skirt or pleating, make sure first that the folds are not separated. Sametime them all almost to the end, leaving 7-10 cm from the edge. Hemming a skirt exactly the same as smooth of a thin fabric. Hem plot on the site of the folds, and lay it Sametime. Iron the skirt, sautois folds around the edge of the hem, and only then pull the thread.