Take the meter light tight cotton. The width of the piece of fabric should be 150 cm For sewing hats, you can buy ready-made the bias tape, but it is preferable to make a forward bake yourself.
Fold the square of fabric on the bias and cut the triangle into strips of 6 cm wide. Cut into strips, you'll notice that their edges are cut at an angle. Sew the strips need also on the bias, combining these cut-off corners.
You can simplify the stitching of the borders, cutting off the slant angles so that the edges of the strips become straight, and then stitch the strip in the usual way, combining their edges. After all strips are sewn, the folds zautyuzhte on the wrong side. The first 40 cm of the resulting bakey slightly stretch and zakruglenie in the process of autoimune to give the strip a rounded shape.
Slice bakey treat in a zigzag pattern and start to sew the hat. To do this, start to stitch the bias tape in a spiral, forming a thick flat circle. Gain turns the circle until you get a circle with a diameter of 17-18 cm
Pretrazivace spiral stripes to each other overlap. The flat circle is not twisted, make small tucks in the course of the piping. When the circle reaches the desired size, begin to narrow it down, matching the stripes in a spiral in the tube and without making tucks.
Tab strips at a width of about 10 cm, occasionally trying on the resulting billet. Staple the pipe start to expand your sewing, to the field, making all over bakey little pintucks for the expansion of the strip. The more pockets, the more wavy the edges. The end of the hem band so that it could not be seen.
The same principle of the tailoring of hats suitable for any tight of purchased braid. Experiment, decorate the finished bonnet with ribbons and flowers.