What you will need for sewing

To sew a summer hat for girls, you will need:
- 1.5 meters of satin ribbon;
- 1.5 meter wide lace;
- scissors, needle, thread, pins;
- wire in the rubber sheath;
- thin elastic band;
- santimetrovy tape (to measure the volume of the head).

How to sew a hat for girls: manual

Cut-out lace fabric oval. It can be used as the bottom of the cap. Make the field. Stitch the folds. Length of lace along the side of the resulting folds should be equal to the volume of the head.

Cut another length of lace, which is equal to the volume of the head at the crown of a hat. Sew to the bottom of the headdress, with cloth hat, cloth crown. Edge of the crown lace stitch manually. Then put the fields on the middle and sew.

The fields of lace hats also sew by hand, relying on his drawing. Fold in half and keen on a satin ribbon. Sew along the edge of fields headdress at some distance. Pull in satin ribbon wire. Last one in the back needs to be drawn, overlapping by 4-5 inches.

Folded in half, sew satin ribbon over the seam line and field crown. As the size of the hat is slightly wider than the head, pull the strip of thin rubber. Wear received hat-a hat on your head, tighten the elastic to the headpiece did well, and then stitch the gum. Summer hat for girls ready.

The shape of this headdress is dependent on the number of folds in the fields. If their will be quite a lot, the fields are undulating. If folds to make smaller, fields will have the form of a bell. The wire in the brim of the hat allows them to adjust and to keep the shape of the headdress. In addition, due to the presence of wire the thickness of lace fabric not of principle.

For a particularly elegant hats ladies, you can use a very thin nitrazepam lace. Of thick cotton fabric obtained practical and equally beautiful headpiece.

To make this summer a hat is a matter of a few hours. This hat will become an indispensable attribute of the wardrobe of your little girl. As mentioned above, to go outside in the summer with her head uncovered is dangerous. Therefore, it is desirable to sew or tie some beautiful hats . Then if one of them gets lost, you can replace it with another, no less interesting and exclusive.