You will need
  • Cardboard, a bit of black cloth, PVA glue and scissors.
First you need to cut out of cardboard the bottom of the cylinder. Its diameter should be equal to the size of the head.
Then you need to cut the crown of the cylinder in the form of a rectangle. At the same long side of the rectangle must be equal to the circumference of the bottom of the cylinder. The height of the hat-cylinder you can choose at its discretion.
Now was the last part of the hat – field. Outer diameter field, you can choose at its own discretion, the main thing is not to get a hat-sombrero. Then in the center of the part you need to cut a hole the diameter of the bottom of the cylinder.
Carefully glue cut-out detail with black cloth. And then of suberites of the details hat. This internal cut fields need to slightly trim and glue back the crown with a finished bottom. "Seams" can be treated with cream or black marker.