Any cell in the human body is replaced by the new a specific or indefinite number of times. All cells live in a close relationship with each other. Before one cell will die, having served its term, in the body of the signal and in its place a brand new cage. It allows you to adjust the number of originating cells and their as long as is necessary for normal functioning of the body. All information about the division and the multiplication inherent in the genetic code.

Sometimes, under certain circumstances, the conditions or under the influence of unfavorable external factors the genetic information is lost or incorrect information is saved and one normal cell ceases to respond to the internal mechanism of mutual regulation and begins to divide uncontrollably. The disturbed immune system fails to destroy it, which leads to malignant tumors.

In fact, the cancer cell is no different from normal cells, broken only the genetic code that fails to keep track of any studies. That's why detect cancer so late, after examination of the visible tumor.

In some ways the cancer cell similar to stem. A normal cell dies when transplanting, cancer and stem lives in all conditions, no matter what, if only it was food. Moreover, it begins to spread throughout the body threadlike appendages that are diagnosed as metastases. They capture new territory. The cell itself continuously divided and around a tumor consisting of cancer cells. The tumor presses on nearby organs, from which they cease to function normally and eventually die.

All normal cells feed on due to the fact that they deliver the blood. A cancer cell is able to safely share, eating all the cells around them, and emit toxic substances that poison the entire body.

Cause cell mutation can compromised immune system, improper lifestyle, bad ecology, hereditary predisposition.