You will need
  • - special products for cleaning silver;
  • - liquid soap;
  • - Mel;
  • Sol;
  • - rubbing alcohol;
  • - ammonia;
  • - baking soda;
  • - vinegar;
  • - toothpaste.
Silver earrings with stones can be cleaned with special products that can be purchased in a jewelry store. Before use consult the dealer or read the manual.
Mix a little liquid soap or dishwashing detergent in warm water. Immerse the earrings and leave it for a while. An old toothbrush will thoroughly clean jewelry. Then rinse in running water and Polish.
Grind chalk into a powder and add water to make a soft paste. Gauze pad or cotton swab put on the decoration and clean. Then opasnite cool water and wipe dry.
Silver earrings with pearls may be cleaned with table salt. In a handkerchief pour a few tablespoons of salt finely and place decoration. Then rinse the earrings in the cool water.
Soak a cotton swab or a brush in rubbing alcohol and clean the earrings. If the product is badly poisoned, soak it in solvent for a few hours. After Polish with flannel or chamois cloth. Thus it is possible effectively to clean silver earrings, it does not damage the gems.
In a glass, pour warm water, add a few drops of ammonia and a teaspoon of baking soda. Soak the silver earrings in this solution and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then clean the old toothbrush and rinse with cool water. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.
If silver earrings appeared mildew stains, use vinegar. Soak a cotton swab in the remedy and RUB zagrozenie areas. Then buff with a soft cloth.
To remove dark plaque take toothpaste. Apply it on a cotton pad or cloth and RUB the product.