Definitely a ring with a stone, looks more attractive. But his aesthetics and convenience during everyday wear depends on how firmly the stone is attached to the frame. Dry stone may be the neglect of things in which the legs, fixing the stone, folded back. Often the loss of the stone is due to trivial defects.

What if the stone was lost?

If the stone is lost and the ring covered by the warranty, you just need to go to the store on the subject of the examination. If it is proved the marriage, the insertion of stone will be free of charge.

And when the loss of stone is your fault, or the warranty period has expired, you will have to go to the jewelry shop. Replacement of stone is the common service. Contact a need and in that case, if the stone is loose, swinging, or is inserted incorrectly, causing scratching the skin, clings to the garments. To determine the reliability of fastening is possible, even with visual inspection.

To avoid unfortunate losses, you need to carefully care for your jewelry and observe some of the rules socks. The rule is to remove the ring while performing any home work, taking a bath, swimming in the pool or some other water body. If the clips on the open mounting ring, don't wear it under tight gloves and make sure that it wouldn't cling to clothes.

The perfect storage solution for jewellery, particularly rings with stones – box with a soft bottom, with the possibility of free accommodation.

Insert stone

If, despite proper operation of the ring, the stone still fell out, but you managed to find it, go to any jewelry shop, the wizard will immediately appreciate the difficulty of attachment and stick the stone right in front of you, if possible. For more complex fastening the master will have to work one to three days.

If you lose the stone, the wizard will also inspect the ring on the subject of quick insertion that does, unless, of course, in the presence of a similar stone. If you can fix the decoration directly allows not difficult setting, your problem will be resolved within weeks. Selection of the right stone for mounts can be quite challenging.

Types of stones of great variety, and their colors even more. Sometimes you need to cut stone, that often happens with all types of agates, mother of pearl, turquoise. In rare cases, the repair of jewelry can take about three weeks.