You will need
  • - a statement or judgment.
  • certificate of ownership of the site;
  • - passport;
  • - re-survey;
  • - new technical documents;
  • Protocol.
If you find an error, contact the application at the cadastre office or with a court order. A court order is required if the delimited boundaries wrong to believe the owners of adjacent plots, and you can't come to a common agreement. If the error is discovered by an official on the inventory, you are required to notify and conduct a re-survey within 5 working days after discovery of the error.
If errors are found is authorized, the responsible person must make the report. The Protocol is entered the date of discovery of the error, and the reason for the correction, and the date of the subdivision of land and registration of cadastral passports. If the error produced by a wrong entry in the cadastre passport and technical documents issued by the cadastral engineer made the correct entry, then re-surveying is not possible. In this case, after the Protocol adjustments are made to the cadastral passport to the employee of the cadastre office.
If the error made in the technical documents or in the plan, the plot must go cadastral engineer, to carry out repeated maintenance work at his own expense. You're nothing no need to pay.
If your neighbors are bordering on the land, I believe that the marking of boundaries made incorrectly, they must go to court. Only after the decisions of the court will refer to the cadastral center, send a request for challenge of cadastral engineer, he will conduct a second survey at your expense. As incorrectly marked boundaries are not an error of the competent authorities. Very often there is a situation when a parcel is sold, the former owners was drawn up agreeing the boundaries, and the new owners found that the border divided wrong, that infringes their rights. Therefore, it is necessary to define borders in a judicial procedure and re-survey, after which all the data in the cadastral documents shall be subject to correction.