You will need
  • - medical book;
  • - experience as a salesperson or a cashier when applying for a job as a gym Manager.
To get to the store "Pyaterochka" by the seller or the cashier, will only need the medical book. Experience not required – employees who do not know how to handle the cash register, quickly train on the spot.
To work as a gym Manager needs and medical condition, and experience. The administrator of the hall – quite a responsible position. The tasks of this officer include not only control the work of cashiers and salespeople, but account of production, merchandising, and communication with customers.
Porters and laborers in these shops are always needed. The salary of these employees is not too big, but there is an opportunity to choose a convenient work schedule.
Announcement of the hiring of certain employees often hang around the exit of the store on the Bulletin boards. They are placed on the website of the network of hypermarkets. You can also find these jobs in almost all electronic labour exchanges –, , and others.
Vacancies available in the stores "Pyaterochka" often very much so, to the candidates for the posts of sellers, cashiers, porters and handymen do not impose specific requirements. But in order to qualify for the position of administrator of the hall, will have to try. It is very important to create a proper resume. There you need to specify the place of study (UNIVERSITY or College), previous work experience, and special skills – elementary accounting, ability to handle cash register, the fundamentals of merchandising.
After a resume you need to make an appointment. This can be done at the phone number at the information booth of the store or website. Often invite several candidates. That is suitable person for the position or not, I say the same day, after a conversation. At the interview, be sure to say which store it would be preferable to work. As the meeting often takes place in one of the administrative offices of "the five", where selected staff for the entire network of hypermarkets.