Fashionable and beautiful closet is the key to success. Moreover, office style relevant at all times. Girls tend to be independent, increasingly preferring the elegance and sophistication. Modern office fashion is represented in this color palette is that it can easily complement all sorts of accessories. In addition to the usual view, they can be textile. The formation of the office style you should start with basic things, which must then either be combined, or supplemented with each other.

If you plan to make a closet office style, do not forget to follow the rules. All the outfits in this direction are in the nature of restraint, but the color scheme is quite limited. Collection 2016 included boxer shorts and trousers-Kapri. This will be especially appropriate in the summer.

As for fabrics, it is at all times valued naturalness. Agree, because the body is much nicer linen and cotton. To dilute the pastel colors turn into the closet for a change of clothes with stripes and cells. So, these details can simply be embroidered on the cuffs or collar. The suits are as skirt and pant suits. Particularly skilled can correctly combine the combining the top and bottom are completely different costumes.

Experiment with styles and fabrics depending on the season, if it is not prohibited at work. It is much nicer in the summer to wear a suit made from linen or lightweight denim. Bolder, you can offer satin suits.

Blouses should remain more restrained in colour. The most relevant will be white and blue. Prints, frills thingies and leave for the weekend.

The shoes in this case too, does not require brightness and diversity. Enough pair of shoes classic beige and black colors. In the cold season you can wear high boots, in the summer sandals are permitted.

Tights in the style of the business is mandatory, even in hot weather. So pick them in season.

And don't forget that your image must be supplemented by careful, Mature hairstyles. The style should be in everything.