Imagine this situation: there is a meeting or business negotiations, all employees are dedicated, then enters the room with a Secretary in a sheer blouse. Many will say that this is unacceptable, and you would be right.

Dress code

According to the dress code, you can apply for a job in a transparent blouse under it if there is any Mike. Also note the surroundings of your outfit will help distract different patterns on the material from which it was taken. If you dress like that then you don't have to worry about its appearance and its appropriateness in the office. Through such patterns, your image will be quite interesting and luxurious. So the choice is yours.

Fashion trend currently - sheer blouse, adorned with beads. Similar thing you can wear under a jacket or cardigan. To Supplement the image will help earrings and a small strand of pearls. In this outfit you can also include pants made of thick material, in any case, do not select for this purpose a narrow model. Otherwise, you simply will look tacky and tasteless. Semi-sheer blouse in a must have small pockets. It is necessary to consider the factor that a few practical things from a translucent material - it's overkill.

Your image should be only one detail is made from translucent fabric. In this case this detail is transparent blouse. All other parts of your image should be made of thick suiting. This combination will make you look bright and expressive. So in any case it will be a great choice.

What to wear with a sheer blouse

In addition, the optional transparent blouse to wear to the office. It is possible to come up with a different purpose. Fashion designer chose this year to choose for their collections transparent things. Sheer blouses are now at the peak of popularity.
This blouse will make you look sexy and feminine. But one mistake can cause your image would be flat and vulgar. This should not be allowed in any case, so choose bras with cups made from heavy material. Do not purchase a model with lace.

Sheer blouses can be easily combined with a variety of models of clothes. It can be jeans, shorts and skirts of lightweight material. For a romantic date transparent skirt is a perfect option that will transform you in a moment.

For going to the theatre or cinema, you can pick a translucent blouse, a long skirt made from heavy material, as well as high-heeled shoes. The image will help to complete a small handbag.