Audits in their wardrobe. Even if your wardrobe is overloaded with a huge number of things – this is not a guarantee that you will always look fashionable. Often, buying their clothing on sale, woman first drew attention to the price, and the latest on how and what to wear. So to the wardrobe fall casual things that do not mix. Try to leave among the things the clothes you really going to wear.
Make it a rule: before you buy some new thing, think about how it will be combined with another item in your wardrobe. The ability to combine different items of clothing will give you several advantages: the opportunity to present the same thing in different variations, the collection of your wardrobe with new sets and finally, will significantly reduce the cost of purchasing additional garments.
Every woman's wardrobe should include several things: the classic little black dress, classic pants or a business suit, a pair of white blouses, and jeans. This set depends on what type of activities you are busy.
The same rules apply and shoes. The main thing here is quality, not quantity. Choosing shoes, do not follow low price. Shoes must be of good quality, of good material, so your feet throughout the day, it was comfortable. A pair of black classic shoes are a versatile addition as evening dresses, and office suits.
A good selection of clothes – not all. Pay attention to your hairstyle, make-up. If you have difficulty in this matter, refer to professionals – makeup artists, hairdressers, masters of manicure.
In the selection of accessories to properly accent. Handbags and jewelry is a complement to the clothes, and not its main element. Accessories should be universal and not screaming. Adhering to these rules, you will always look stylish, beautiful and elegant.