Develop self-confidence. The woman, not knowing to itself the price, certainly declares a gray mouse and has no right to claim any statement. Remember that in any situation you have to believe in yourself, know that you are the best and capable of anything. The possibilities are endless, the stop-cock in life to serve only you.
Take care of yourself. Well-groomed woman is equal to a beautiful woman. Yes, maybe you have not awarded a gorgeous bust and hips a little wider than I would like. But this does not mean that you need to launch your appearance. Make regular manicure, check the condition of the skin (such as facial and whole body) - do pilling, moisturize and nourish it. Your haircut should be close to perfect, and the clothes to be neat.
Pamper yourself. Happy woman happy and shining from within that affects the appearance. Allow yourself to spend a few hours a week to yourself and your body. Enjoy hot tub, massage, masks, and other women's pleasures.
Choose a perfect makeup. Few can boast that without a gram of makeup looks great. Through trial and error find out which colors suit you, what style of makeup appropriate to use in a given situation. Leave home with confidence that you are absolutely ready to meet the Prince on a white horse, not hesitate to his view.
Create your own style. Clothing plays a significant role in the drama. Play with materials and patterns, pick up interesting combinations of clothes, become anyone different. Seductive neckline, feminine heels - your weapon every day.
Be feminine. Work on your behavior. Spectacular women are different, too - a shy, fatal beauties, the iron lady, but they never lose important qualities - femininity. Always remember that you are a lady, for which to care and show the utmost attention and care.