Personal care

Good skin and a clean, styled hair, is one of the main points of care. If the skin is problematic, you should consult with an aesthetician (dermatologist), who will select the means to care and make the treatment program. But even with beautiful skin do not forget about the basics of care: cleansing - toning - moisturizing (power).

Hair, regardless of length, should be always clean and neat. Not necessarily complicated daily styling, but also a slovenly bundle is invalid. Curls must be evenly dyed, the roots give the image of sloppiness.

It is very important neat manicure and pedicure. Especially actual manicure as hands are often concentrates the attention of others. Long artificial nails with colorful painting and crystals valid on special occasions (holidays, themed parties), on weekdays they look tacky. In addition, in many companies there is a dress code, according to which too bright and long nails are unacceptable.

Slim toned body is a big plus for appearance. It is not necessary to rush to extremes and to lose weight to the point of exhaustion, trying to get closer to the "shiny idols. However, we must remember that the extra weight adds age and injurious to health.

Another important criterion influencing the appearance is a beautiful smile. Trips to the dentist – not a pleasant occupation, but in order to look well-groomed, they are necessary.

Fashion closet

As for clothes, there are some fashion secrets that will help you to look stylish. If the clothes can be combined, shoes, bag and perfume must be expensive and of high quality. Good shoes can "rescue" was not very successful dress.

As for the wardrobe, it is desirable to have basic stuff (jeans, little black dress, light blouse, jacket (jacket), coat, pencil skirt, simple, classic suit, black trousers, silk scarf, comfortable boots and shoes with heels). Depending on income, your closet can be any size, but the availability of basic clothes will help to create a stylish image.

As for accessories, there is more. Few have the opportunity to purchase for each outfit jewelry with natural stones. A good yield could be jewelry, it only needs to be of high quality jewelry, and consumer goods from the kiosk.

The secret is to properly combine things together to make a single image. Do not chase trends, is to find your own style.