The free medicine in our country is clearly underrated. This is not surprising. Numerous commercial clinics and medical centers with polite staff, lack of queues, possibility to visit at a convenient time ruthless contrast beaten by their municipal brethren.


However, public health has been developing slowly. Bought equipment, renovation of premises and meet in the office of a young doctor to 30 are not uncommon.


Of course, the nightmare queue has not been canceled. But they are not always and not everywhere. Yes, to sign up to the specialist to get up at 8-9 am and a certain number of times unsuccessfully to get through to the registry. But for me personally it is better to lose an extra half hour than to lose a worthwhile amount of money. Besides, this is a good incentive to Wake up early and fruitfully to spend the day.


The majority of the working population of our country to the possibility free of charge to go to the doctor put bold cross. In principle. Regardless of the circumstances. And the point here is not that they are busy and value their time. No. They just do not realize that a harmless reference to the pool, bought for 500 rubles, you can make free two campaign to the municipal clinic at the place of residence.


How many times friends and acquaintances told me about coming out to them a lot of money the services of quacks! And often it turns out that I was getting it for free.


Examples can be cited.


Some people don't know that I can, not having a residence permit, be maintained in the clinic at the place of actual residence. Moreover, the facticity of this stay, no one really will not check.


One of my friends faced in our provincial town with the problem of venereal properties of great urgency, at a gallop rode to the nearest "consultation and diagnostic center". Where it took 700 rubles, established a simple diagnosis and sent in the good old kozhno-venerologicheskiy DISPANSER. The next day did the same thing for free (had to pay only for the shot). In the clinic he was sympathetic and advised to inform all friends about their wonderful institution in order to avoid unnecessary wastage.


What can we say, even if the MRI I had done for free. However I had to wait a few months. But I'm in this business do not hurry. And in the end got a coveted picture with the description of the best clinics of the city.


So take your time to fill your money the pockets of white coats. And be healthy!