The most effective way of weed control is mechanical, that is the most common weeding. It should be done after rain or watering, when the soil is still moist. Weeds should be small, i.e. weeding, you need to spend before the seeds appear.
Grab the stalk as close to the base and pull together with the root, otherwise the weed will grow back. Plants with long tap root, such as dandelions or hell best dig of the special spatula. Spend weeding regularly, about every two weeks, and a few seasons the number of weeds in your yard will be greatly reduced.
Immediately after the weeding is over mulch garden beds with sawdust, shredded grass, bark or straw. This will not only keep moisture in the soil, but would not allow to grow weeds.
In the spring after digging the earth is not in a hurry to sow the seeds immediately. Dig up the garden for a few days before planting, and allow weeds to germinate. Then loosen the top layer with a hoe and gather the weeds with a rake, and sow the seeds of cultural plants.
In the rows between the planted plants cover the soil with tar paper, old Newspapers or black film. Many weeds under the shelter just dies. You can also cover the beds with geotextile, then make it cross-shaped slits and plant in them the crops. The material is pervious, and air and water but prevents weeds. Very well in this shelter grow strawberries, cucumbers and herbs.
It is very difficult to deal with weeding with woodlouse. This weed is very hardy and capable in a very short period flooding a large plot of land. The simplest way to create a plant unbearable conditions for growth. It is known that the woodlouse grows on acidic soils, so if you make digging in the ground with chalk or lime. This will help to reduce acidity, and centipede will stop growing by itself.
To combat couch grass perekapyvayut soil deeply, carefully choosing hands the roots of plants. If you want to clear a big plot of land, sow it after the pretreatment of lawn grass or clover. They will replace the weed, but after a few seasons this area will be to dig and plant other crops.
Another effective method of weed control — chemical. Now available in a number of herbicides that can kill many types of weeds. This "roundup", "Tornado", "Storm the Fort" and others. The product should be diluted according to the instructions and farm the land to digging for 2-3 weeks.
Treatment chemicals must be made in clear calm weather, carefully spraying the solution on the surface of the treated area. After 2 weeks the weeds will turn yellow and die and it will be possible to plow the land. However, this method does not guarantee complete freedom from aggressors. Weed seeds remaining in the soil will still grow and need to be removed mechanically.