Start Hiking on the weeds in time – when they have grown only to the stage of seedlings. Take a walk through the garden beds with a special device, for example, ploskorez Fokine, slide the weeds. It will die pretty quickly, especially if the weather during tillage Sunny. But to conduct such procedures should not only before sowing or transplanting seedlings, but regularly. Also have to constantly pull weeds by hand, especially in early summer, otherwise they will grow and choke landing. To beat the weeds this way is not completely succeed, but at least it will give new seeds.
Proprivate the earth in the beds, watering it with hot water, it harms the weeds. Also multiroute planting, this method is good protection from the intense growth of the grass. For mulch suitable peat, sawdust, humus, wood chips, dry leaves and straw. They should put a thick layer. You can use as cover and black non-woven material or plastic film.
If your garden or garden pretty much running, you will have to use herbicides. However, not all gardeners agree to this method, fearing for beneficial soil microorganisms. Which are destroyed in the result of exposure to chemicals. But sometimes they cannot be avoided. For example, if the circle has grown sow Thistle, dandelion, mugwort, bindweed and couch grass. Because these weeds are extremely tenacious, besides, be deprived of the useful plants the nutrients impoverish the soil. There are special drugs of continuous action, such as "Lontrel", "roundup", "Gifs", "zero", "Glycol", "Hurricane", "Glyfos", "Tornado". Only tillage necessary to watch, that even a small proportion of the poisonous substances did not get to garden culture. It is best to apply these herbicides between the rows, along roadsides and paths, and the processing to use a sprayer with guide casing.