Advice 1: How to get rid of dandelions in the garden

A large number of vegetable growers and gardeners are familiar with the problem of weeds that filled the land and cause a lot of inconvenience. Dandelions are unwanted guests in the country, the seeds of this plant are dispersed by wind and grow new colonies.
How to get rid of dandelions in the garden

The dandelion has a very powerful taproot, reaching a length of 25 cm And to remove it entirely is not so simple, as it is fragile and likely to break. Subsequently, from the remaining piece of root will grow new weeds. The easiest and safest method that does not require you to financial investments – digging up flowers by the roots. Or cut aerial part of the dandelion once a week, after five such treatments the plants will begin to die. Excellent means of dealing with the annoying dandelions – this is a common salt. Pour it on the Central part of the flower, after a while the weed will die and in its place will remain brown stain. Strewing dandelions with salt, use caution, try not to sleep through it for useful culture. Otherwise the plants near the weeds that will follow. Purchase in a specialty store tool, whose main goal – the removal of dandelions and other weeds. The tool is a large screw in the form of the letter V, composed of blades. With this fixture is not difficult to get rid of the dandelions on the land. It is only necessary to plunge it into the ground with the weed and press the button, then the dandelion is extracted from the soil together with the root. If the use of these mechanical methods is inappropriate due to the fact that weeds pretty much already has grown or the land area very big, can resort to extreme measures – the use of insecticides and chemicals to eliminate dandelions. Before using a particular drug, carefully read the instructions clearly and follow her, follow safety precautions: avoid breathing vapors chemical compounds, use gloves in case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes and seek help from a doctor.

Advice 2: How to deal with dandelions on the lawn

According to some gardeners, the bright yellow flowers of dandelion look on the surface, deep green lawn is very organic. However, the majority of owners of lawns still are of the opinion that lawn needs to be evenly and uniformly planted specially bred grass, and the emergence of the weeds, such as dandelions, is unacceptable.
How to deal with dandelions on the lawn
The pride of a huge number gardeners is considered their turf. Not so easy to maintain it in perfect condition in a timely manner to cut the fast growing grass, ruthlessly destroying the weeds, and masking the resulting bald spots with podseleniem grass on corresponding plots. Particularly hard may annoy the owner of the lawn such plants as the dandelion: if its seeds were brought to the lawn once, it is not so easy to get rid of it.

How to deal with dandelions: a mechanical way of getting rid of weeds in your lawn

Never dealt with this scourge to man it may seem that there is no problem: timely enough to mow the grass on the lawn, and then Sunny yellow dandelions will not be discordant with the main green background. Unfortunately, this weed grows very quickly, and you can skip the time when dandelion flowers turn into fluffy white hemisphere, the seeds from which the first breeze will blow across your site.

You can get rid of dandelions on the lawn, destroying each of the plants mechanically. It is not enough to just pull out a weed from the earth: dandelion very long, 20-25 cm and at the same time fragile root, and if even a small part will remain in the ground, the tremendous ability of dandelion to regenerate very soon will turn the remnants of the root into a full adult plant. Thus, each instance of a dandelion on your lawn first, you need horoshko undermine, and then to extract from the earth. After that the lawn bald spots, you should sow the seeds is used your usual lawn grass.

Getting rid of dandelions on the lawn with chemicals

Many gardeners use to control weeds on his land, the achievements of modern chemical industry. In relation to dandelions is particularly effective, for example, the drugs "roundup" and "Lontrel-300", but the fit and normal vinegar, well-evaporated to increase the concentration it is toxic to this weed plant of acetic acid. It is best to carry out the procedure of getting rid of dandelions on your lawn in early autumn.

A couple of days before chemical treatment not mow the lawn; do not do this and for about a week after I treated all the weeds. Selected drug use on dandelions dot the easiest to do it with a brush with soft bristles. Over the next after the chemical treatment weeks substance gradually moves through the plant of its foliage to the root system, causing its complete extinction. After removal of wilted weeds from the soil, the resulting "licence" to re-sow the lawn with grass.

Advice 3: How to get rid of weeds

Sometimes culture do not have time to ascend, and the earth is already whole becomes green from weeds. At first it may seem that to fight them very hard, because weed grows everywhere.
Remove weeds in the area


General information on weeds

Weeds are unwanted plants in the garden and this is known to everyone. They take from the soil the nutrients that are intended for commercial crops. Fast growing weeds do not allow normal development of other plants. Because of this, the destruction of plant pests is a problem for all gardeners.

Weed control is difficult, and some ways of coping lead to the fact that the grass is even faster to propagate. Weeds can get to a suburban area and even from neighbors, for example, if you multiply roots. The seeds can fly with the wind, but when you consider that germination of weeds can persist for years, weeding hoe the land seems to be a thankless job. But ways of coping do exist.

The control of annual weeds

Better than mechanical weed removal, nothing has been invented yet. But hoe can not always give the desired result, it all depends on the type of weeds. Weeding will be effective only if it is necessary to remove the portion of annual weeds. While it is easier to cope with those instances that do not have time to develop a root system and aerial part. Weed the area is desirable after the rain, to make it easier to pull the roots out of the ground.

The fight against perennial weeds

Weeding perennial weeds will not give the desired results, on the contrary, the grass will multiply and grow much faster because of the crushing and damage of the root system hoe. Such plants include wheat grass and sow Thistle. They grow very strongly and can even pierce its tough roots potato tubers.

To combat couch grass and sonchus must be digging the earth with a pitchfork to a depth of at least 30 inches. Only in this case you can get the whole rhizome of the plant without damaging it. This way of dealing with perennial weeds is very effective, but a piece of root may still remain in the ground. The cultivation of the land necessary to produce regularly, and only then after a few years these weeds will be completely withdrawn.

Another "tricky" and dangerous a weed is goutweed. For a long time from the soil may stick some two stunted leaf, but this time under the ground the plant develops a powerful root system. This weed reproduces by seeds and a piece of root. Weed and dig over the soil as much as possible, but it won't help. This is because the roots go to a depth of 40 inches. To keep the goutweed can only wcopa 20 inches deep around the plant any obstruction such as lawn feed. To completely get rid of this weed are covering the land with cardboard or foil.

Hard and long to produce against woodlice. For the season, she can grow up to several times. Weed this is a kind of indicator, and appears only where there is stagnant water and sour soil. Weed is very hard vypilivaya, so a new plant can develop from even a leaf left on the ground. It is important not to give the woodlice bloom, it should immediately cut with plane. To completely get rid of this weed, when digging in autumn it is necessary in the soil to make ash or chalk. This will reduce the acidity and create an unfavourable environment for woodlice.

Common methods of weed control

The most common way of dealing with any kind of weed is the covering of the pool. Suitable for this purpose cardboard, black film or mulch. Weeds won't sprout, but the use of each of the materials necessary to know some tricks.

To mulch the ground under bushes, trees, between rows of crops. Suitable in this as sawdust, straw, shredded bark or hay. The mulch layer should be at least 5 inches, only then it will be effect. Bark and sawdust cannot be used in vegetable crops, because they have a lot of tannins. Therefore you can pour only under trees and bushes. Cardboard and tape can cover a large plot of land. It will not allow any weeds to grow. Often the black film use fans to grow strawberries.

The use of chemicals

The herbicides will help to get rid of weeds, but the appeal of these funds is necessary extremely carefully. Buying chemicals, it is important to ensure that they are suitable for use on farmland, or you can make the soil unsuitable for cultivation of any plants for several years. Always chemical is manual, it is necessary to follow it strictly. When said solution is applied to the leaf of a plant, that is exactly what needs to be done. Most herbicides can affect all plants indiscriminately and destroy them. And other herbicides are intended only for specific weeds.

The use of any herbicides harm the soil, so to resort to this method of weed control is necessary in the last turn. For example, if few years, the plot was not treated and the whole was overgrown perennial plants with a strong root system.

Advice 4: How to get rid of weeds in the garden or the cottage

Unfortunately, there is not one definitive way to simultaneously destroy all kinds of weeds, so often struggle with weeds is painful and long. But there are many tried and tested methods that are sure to be able to help you!
How to get rid of weeds in the garden or the cottage

Any cottager and gardener is inevitably faced with the problem of weeds that grow in the area. Weed control for each of them starts with the selection of the most efficient way.

Long methods for getting rid of harmful plants in the area

Many gardeners one of the main roles assign digging the ground in spring and autumn. If you are looking for a way to get rid of weeds effectively, it is what you need. In the autumn, after harvest, try to dig as deep as possible, about 30 cm. the roots of the weeds while carefully collect, so you make it harder for them new germination in the spring. If in a few years to repeat a similar procedure, the weeds will be much less.

If you are bored in the summer every weekend for the weeding on the plot, it is possible to apply the method, accelerating the process. On that site, which is littered with weeds, plant peas. When I collected his harvest, pea stems need to be on the same bed buried in the ground. In mid-fall on that place sow the seeds of winter wheat and rye, as thicker. Level the soil with a rake.

In spring, the seedlings will germinate, and by the middle of summer will turn into a green carpet, which will not give the weeds to grow. With the advent of autumn, the dig site pitchfork, also burying the stems in soil. If you want to find a way to get rid of weeds forever, then check this method too. Of course, it's quite long, but the garden will bring a double benefit. First, the soil will be able to relax, and secondly, you will effectively get rid of weeds!

How to deal with weeds

Many gardeners with experience know how to destroy weeds in the garden natural and quick way. The entire area is covered in a certain deck, which prevents the penetration of sunlight. Accordingly, it does not give the weeds to germinate.

To do this, use thick cardboard, black tape, a special covering material, black in color, straw, sawdust, pine needles, etc. In order for the weed control was more effective, combine several methods. For example, cover the ground even with a transparent film, and the top cover with straw or any other mulch.

Effective material think black agrotextile. It can pass water and air, and the sunlight there. But before you try out this method for the first time, carefully pre-propolice weeds and then cover with soil. The coating should be well secured. For this purpose you can use stones or bricks, which are arranged around the perimeter.

How to get rid of weeds folk remedies

Today there are many chemicals that allow you to destroy the weeds. But, before that, people knew how to deal with weeds, except for weeding. Check out some ways to apply the point method:

  • salt. It sprinkled on the beds;
  • vinegar. They carefully sprayed the weeds;
  • herbicidal soap. Prepared from equal parts salt, vinegar and grated soap, also used in the beds;
  • blowtorch;
  • cornmeal, baking soda for sprinkling the beds;
  • alcohol. In the ratio of 1:10 with water to spray the garden a month before planting.

It is also worth noting that the weeds can not only bring harm, but good. They can serve as compost fertilizer. To do this, they are best dried and burned, and after digestion to scatter on the site.

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