The dandelion has a very powerful taproot, reaching a length of 25 cm And to remove it entirely is not so simple, as it is fragile and likely to break. Subsequently, from the remaining piece of root will grow new weeds. The easiest and safest method that does not require you to financial investments – digging up flowers by the roots. Or cut aerial part of the dandelion once a week, after five such treatments the plants will begin to die. Excellent means of dealing with the annoying dandelions – this is a common salt. Pour it on the Central part of the flower, after a while the weed will die and in its place will remain brown stain. Strewing dandelions with salt, use caution, try not to sleep through it for useful culture. Otherwise the plants near the weeds that will follow. Purchase in a specialty store tool, whose main goal – the removal of dandelions and other weeds. The tool is a large screw in the form of the letter V, composed of blades. With this fixture is not difficult to get rid of the dandelions on the land. It is only necessary to plunge it into the ground with the weed and press the button, then the dandelion is extracted from the soil together with the root. If the use of these mechanical methods is inappropriate due to the fact that weeds pretty much already has grown or the land area very big, can resort to extreme measures – the use of insecticides and chemicals to eliminate dandelions. Before using a particular drug, carefully read the instructions clearly and follow her, follow safety precautions: avoid breathing vapors chemical compounds, use gloves in case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes and seek help from a doctor.