Ethyl alcohol, and the solution is to plant the strongest poison. So vodka can be used in weed control. To do this, take a small bottle with a sprayer, pour one Cup of water, vodka one cap and a few drops of detergent. After that, mix thoroughly and use the mixture for spraying weeds. However, it should be used with caution, paying attention to the fact that the solution does not get on garden plants and flowers.


If weeds have been launched and has already reached an impressive size compared with cultivated seedlings, it is possible to destroy them with conventional Newspapers. This method is very simple. You need to gently wet the sheets of newspaper and cover the weeds. On top of the newspaper must be covered with earth. In the result, sunlight does not penetrate to an undesirable plant, respectively, terminated the access of oxygen, and the weed dies. About cleaning Newspapers not to worry, they very quickly decay by themselves.


Plain water is the simplest way to solve the problems with weeds. Destroy a huge number of weeds can be a bucket of boiling water. However, this is a temporary solution, as the roots remain, but most are harmless to the soil and helpful plants.


It means it is better to use away from other plants, they are well clear of the path and the area around them to remove weeds near the fences. Vinegar you just pour in a spray bottle and they spray the weeds, they will die within days. It is not necessary to carry out spraying in windy weather, the wind can easily move the particles of the vinegar on other plants.