Of course, you need to listen to all the advice of the doctor who conducts your pregnancy. Sometimes it so happens that during pregnancy, any physical activity is contraindicated in women, but, fortunately, such cases are rare. If you and her pregnancy was actively engaged in sports, and while these classes can be continued, slightly changing some of the exercises. But if you only with the appearance of two stripes on the test decided that you need exercise, you should start gently.

The most useful load in these wonderful nine months will be the usual walk in the fresh air. Walk at your leisure! Because of this you'll receive the necessary amount of oxygen, and your body will be toned, your muscles will become stronger and you birth will be much easier. But do not hold the marathon on the first day, you are not in that position. Start slowly and be sure to follow your feelings. If you feel tired, better stop and continue next time, don't be a hero.

Very useful and fitness, especially for pregnant women. Energetic classes around other moms will come to your liking, and will help to get new acquaintances. During pregnancy, very often suffers from female breast, or rather its form. To create good around the mammary glands muscular system need daily push-UPS, it will also allow you and keep your hands in good shape.

Go swimming. As you know, swimming makes the load on all muscle groups, and much fatigue is not felt. You will certainly be comfortable in the aquatic environment.

Pregnancy is not a time when you need to lie on his back on the couch and not move. The more active you are at this time, the easier it will be after birth. It has long been proven that women who played sports while waiting for the baby, it is much easier to tolerate childbirth, both physically and mentally. But remember that if any type of complication and prohibitions of the doctor, all the exercises should be discontinued.