Strong muscles - the key to easy delivery

Birth require the female body to maximum load. But at the moment of birth is a powerful release of hormones that give the body extra strength.

During pregnancy the center of gravity changes and the back muscles and legs get a huge load. Therefore, the body does not hurt, if all the muscles will be toned. To do this, the body needs to prepare in advance as to pregnancy and to childbirth itself.

For pregnant women there are special sports. For example, Pilates, water aerobics or yoga for pregnant. They are safe and aim at facilitating the process of childbirth. Also expectant mothers can also enjoy swimming and walking. But before the choice of sport should consult with your doctor.

Yoga is suitable for those expectant mothers who like to meditate and relax. This sport helps to develop flexibility and endurance. Pilates helps to strengthen the muscles of legs and abdomen. Water aerobics helps not to gain extra pounds, eliminate swelling of the legs, therefore, to reduce the load on the entire body and to facilitate the work of all internal organs.

Abs and childbirth

During contractions involved in smooth musculature, where the woman is unable to manage. In vain attempts begins to work the muscles that obey the mind of a woman. Also connect the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. At this point, a strong press will be very helpful.

Muscles of the abdominal wall works as an auxiliary motor, and later becomes the main generic banishing power. Abs works together with the muscles of the uterus, helping her.

Women who give birth for the first time, the abdominal muscles are closely adjacent to each other and they have the best press even without special training, than re-of women giving birth.

Abdominal muscles play a crucial role in the last stages of birth. When the baby's head is nearing the exit of the pelvis, only the power of the abdomen will gradually help to overcome this last obstacle.

The stronger the abdominal muscles, the easier it will be the whole pregnancy, since the body burden will be distributed evenly. And childbirth will be faster because the muscles will help the child to be born. And strong abs will help much faster to get your body in shape after childbirth, to get rid of sagging belly.

During pregnancy is strictly forbidden to purposefully swing a press. This should have been done before the pregnancy.