Very useful for pregnant women Aqua aerobics, because water has the property of regulating body temperature . In water it is impossible to make any sharp movements and do not overheat or SuperCool. Also welcome regular aerobics, just at the time they should observe extra caution to exclude the possibility of a fall and bumps. Yoga is beneficial to those who want to learn how to breathe correctly, which is very important during childbirth. Running is only allowed in for one hour a day, not more. If you focus on Jogging, it should take place in the same pace, so you can safely talk and not feel the shortness of breath. If suddenly during the run was hot, better to rest: to sit or walk at a leisurely pace. Also, no one cancels other times. On the bike do not ride where there are a lot of bumps and obstacles.

During pregnancy in any case it is impossible to abandon the usual Hiking. It is better to walk in parks, squares and areas where less of the exhaust gases, and if the outing fell on the summer time, you should not get exposed to direct sunlight. Along with Aqua aerobics, you can consider swimming. Pay special attention to protection from all kinds of vaginal infections. To avoid this you need to use a tampon. In any case it is impossible to renounce professional sports, if these classes were the place to be before pregnancy. It is really continue to a five-month period, only slightly in Lite mode.

However, there are those sports that is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. These include skiing, ice skating, rollerblading, tennis, badminton, Golf, Windsurfing. These classes allowed in the power saving mode for those who before pregnancy was doing anything of the above. And again, do not forget about caution. And of course, what about volleyball, basketball, diving, martial arts and skydiving will have to forget completely for the period of carrying a child. Even in that case, if there was to be a professional class in these areas. With a strong desire to find something that will fit in this individual case, and not to stop doing sports altogether.

It is worth remembering that lives and develops inside another life, so constant care, not be superfluous.