The benefits of stretching your legs for pregnant women

Stretching toes helps relieve muscle tension, to expand the range of mobility of joints, improve coordination and circulation, improve metabolism, increase stamina, and to mentally relax. All of this is the prevention of these common ailments in pregnancy like varicose veins and swelling. In addition, women in the stretching position of the legs gives additional benefits. They are stretching the muscles, ligaments and bones of the pelvic floor. This, in turn, is a good prevention of prolonged childbirth, tears and cuts the crotch, fetal hypoxia.
The pelvic floor consists of the bones of the pelvis and the six muscles. During labour all the muscles and bones of the pelvic floor stretch and form the birth canal.

Features stretch your legs during pregnancy

During pregnancy you need to follow a number of conditions, performing stretching exercises. Always in front of these exercises you warm up. Pregnant women can perform only static exercise and avoid strain on the muscles that hurt. To perform the exercises slowly, without strain. Should not get involved with exercise "crease" and to do the exercises with the original supine position.

You cannot perform exercises on stretching of the feet if: there is a threat of miscarriage or premature birth; diagnosed with a weak cervix; bleeding; irregular placenta previa; there is gnawing pain in the abdomen and lower back.

Stretching exercises of the legs for pregnant women

These exercises can be done every day.
Static exercises are exercises hold poses without hesitation and jerks.

Butterfly. To sit on a Mat, legs in front of him, to bring the feet together, knees to pull down (they can rock). You can help to lower the knees and elbows (as in prayer) or palms.

Karate. Their feet wider than shoulder width, toes outward. Lower the pelvis as low as possible and stay in this position for 15-20 seconds. Hands folded at chest level as if in prayer.

Raven. Squat, knees to breed as widely as possible, arms folded as in the previous exercise.

The womb of the mother. To squat, feet folded behind his back. Knees wide apart. Hands to rest on the floor.

It is also useful to do exercises for the splits, the Lotus posture and the half Lotus.