During pregnancy a woman's body hormonal changes, fatty tissue begins to accumulate to provide mother and child with all necessary, so women gain weight. It's okay if the body weight beyond certain limits, but some pregnant girls run yourself, leave exercise, eat more and gain weight, saying goodbye with a slender figure.
To maintain the shape during pregnancy, you need to forget about the common advice "eat for two". Of course, the fruit, the developing in your body require nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but in much smaller quantities than you yourself, because the size of a small child. In addition, any benefit he will bring the sugar, sweets, chips, fries, fast food and other unhealthy food. It is important to eat protein foods, fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, nuts, fish. In the first trimester caloric intake do not need to increase much more important what you eat than how much you eat. Gradually the amount of food you can gradually increase, watching the weight gain.
Skinny girls have the entire pregnancy to allow no more than 16 pounds, pregnant medium build – not more than 14, and large women – up to 9 kg. If you stay within these norms, after birth the weight gain is only 3-4 pounds, and to lose them would be easy.
Do not leave exercise, if you were before pregnancy, and develop physical activity if still it was alien to you. Sports and pregnancy are not incompatible, as many expectant mothers. You just need to follow load, to breathe correctly and to not overdo it. Perfect for pregnant women are swimming, yoga, light aerobics, walking. Physically fit women can Jogging, fitness, skiing and other sports. Before you start training, consult your doctor that you are watching. If the sport you are contraindicated, move more, walk, breathe the fresh air.
Get plenty of sleep, don't expose your body and mind stress, good rest, have more positive emotions. First, it has a positive effect on the health of the child, and secondly, it allows you not to gain weight.
If possible, start with a diet and exercise as early as possible before pregnancy. Strong, healthy, fit and slender women with well-developed muscles, a small percentage of fat and a great sports experience easier to maintain your figure during pregnancy, they gain less weight, and most importantly, it is much easier to get in shape after childbirth.