You will need
  • –the flesh of pork or steak (1400 g);
  • –pepper (25 g);
  • –Bay leaf (4-5 leaves);
  • –coriander seeds (10 g);
  • –coarse salt (7 g);
  • –sweet paprika (15 g);
  • –turmeric (5 grams);
  • –mustard seeds (3 g);
  • –Zira (6 g);
  • –onions (2-3 pieces);
  • –garlic (2-3 heads);
  • –soy sauce (2,5 tbsp);
  • –wine or Apple cider vinegar (30 ml);
  • –vegetable oil (45 ml).
Take your pork, rinse under cold water and cut into pieces. If you choose the steaks, simply cut along the bone. It is important that each piece of meat was a layer of fat. So, the barbecue will turn out juicier.
All spices and coarse salt, place in a mortar. Take special wooden pestle and crush into fine crumbs. Another option is grinding spices with a blender.
Put meat in deep bowl, sprinkling spicy mixture of each layer. Give a little brew. Next, pour in one container the required amount of vinegar and soy sauce. Mix. Please note that soy sauce is salty. So make sure you taste the marinade after adding the meat.
Onions and garlic should be cut and mash well with hands to drain juice. Next, add in the meat and again stir thoroughly. Leave to infuse for 4-6 hours.
When the meat rises, it is necessary to pour the oil, through which the skewer is formed a delicious crust when frying.
Steaks before cooking on coals is better to put on the grill. Don't forget to ensure that the pieces of meat quite tightly to each other. You can also string the meat on skewers.