You will need
    • pork;
    • salt and spices to taste;
    • grill;
    • skewers or barbecue grill;
    • wood or coal.
Prepare the meat. To the barbecue turned out more juicy meat for him must be not very fatty and fresh. It is best to cook it from steak. Cut the meat into small equal pieces measuring 4 by 4 cm And then fold it in the right size pan.
Marinade it. The marinade depends entirely on individual preferences. But that meat was more soft, do not add pork, onion and vinegar. They make a barbecue rougher. Best to just salt it and season with spices for barbecue. Put the meat in the refrigerator and marinate at least two hours.
Kindle fire. You can use the dry sticks or the special coal. Deciding to build a fire from wood, resplice it first with small branches, and when they will flare up, add larger pieces of wood. Since the meat to be fried is not on fire, and the heat coming from the ash of the burnt branches in the grill should be plenty.
When the fire almost burned out, start stringing marinated pork on skewers. This should be done so that the meat pieces are not hanging with him and didn't hang out, otherwise they will burn. Don't see also many pieces on one skewer between them should be a distance of 1 cm.
Put the skewers on the grill and deep fry the meat from all sides. If the grill will light up a fire, spray it with a water or wine. If you use the last drop will fall and the pieces of meat, adding a spicy flavor and aroma.
Once the kebab is lightly browned, check its readiness. Make a small incision with a knife on one of the pieces. If the juice is clear and not red meat – skewers ready. Remove from the skewers and place on a platter or in a cauldron so he could sit and was even tastier. And be sure to eat a kebab before it gets cold.