Very popular today is the globe table, but not just the globe, which is placed on the table and visible to the world map and a globe bar. That is, in this model you can put a few bottles of liquor and glasses for drinking.

For the first time this unique souvenir appeared in Italy. It made the ordinary Turner, the Italian Zoffoli, which was engaged in the manufacture of ordinary legs for furniture and fittings. After that, the globes ceased to be regarded only as an ordinary textbook at the time, made from papier-mache.

Today, the globe bar is the perfect interior decoration and original device for the storage of collectible types of alcohol. Every man will be happy to entertain friends of fine brandy which will stand in this bar. At first glance, few people realize the true purpose of the gift, just admiring the beautiful globe.

A great advantage of modern globe bars is their variability. For example, for offices perfect small models, sometimes resembling globes of the school. For fireplace rooms or living rooms would be ideal massive floor globe bars, which are often equipped with additional tables located below the ball almost at the bottom of the legs. And sometimes there are even some models that have a built-in refrigerator.

Colors of this unique souvenir is so diverse that to choose the desired option can be almost any decor. Today, as many years ago, these sophisticated and stylish, globe-bars are manufactured in Italy in Rimini.