You will need
  • - a means for washing of glasses;
  • - ice (freezer);
  • knife;
  • - soap solution;
  • - a sponge;
  • newspaper or viscose cloth;
  • the solvent (white spirit, oil fraction, etc.);
  • Vata;
  • - stain remover for clothing (if necessary).
One of the most common modern techniques of interior decoration to create a transparent stained-glass Windows applications on glass and other smooth surfaces. With full drying special paint sticky film image that can be repeatedly re-stick. If you want to remove the old stained glass, just try to unstick the edge of the pattern and to remove a paint film.
To break a strong grip stained glass decals from glass, it is recommended to freeze ice cubes in a plastic bag. Decorated with objects of small size (glasses, vases etc) before cleaning for a while to put in the freezer. The elements of the pattern after this procedure usually disappear on their own – enough to pry them with a knife.
Remove any remaining traces of dye by any means for washing of glasses. Then Polish the surface to a Shine with a newspaper or a special cleaning cloth made of viscose.
Try to wash stained the paint if it does not depart from the glass. To choose the best method of cleaning, examine the composition of the decorative material. The dye is water based you can quickly scrub sponge, liberally soaking it first in soapy water, then clean water.
Paintings on glass are created using a mixture of different callers and synthetic solvents. In this case you need to buy a special formula for cleaning a particular series of stained glass paint. If you can not find it in the store, use the handy cleaning products. Most dyes of this kind respond well to acetone, white spirit and petroleum fractions (Quick drying Petroleum).