The original bars of Moscow

The attic is one of the best and original institutions of the capital. Situated on Kuznetsky prospect, on the 3rd floor of an old mansion. The bar has a unique interior and offers a quiet rest. Inside is the furniture from the Arkhangelsk province, a very old Soviet TV, grandma's lampshades, etc. All things that were in this bar was used by past generations.

"Honey, I'll call you back" or "the corner Bar" - a bar located in Strochenovskiy pereulok. This place where you can eat a crispy croissant on the way to work, enjoy a delicious lunch in the afternoon and in the evening enjoy a drink with friends at the glass of whiskey. The cafe is very reminiscent of an American bar.

"Apartment 44" is a piano bar on Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 22. This is a very unusual place. It is located in the old Moscow apartment. Inside is a wooden furniture, old lampshades, bookshelves and a piano. Visitors have the feeling that they are at home.

The most unusual bars of Moscow

DIDU is a very interesting place. In this place visitors can not only taste dishes of Mediterranean and European cuisine, but also to sculpt from clay of various figures. The café bar hosts a variety of events and activities, film screenings, concerts, famous DJs and even turtle races. There is a school on the street Myasnitskaya, 24 (Clean ponds).
All work from clay to hang on the ceiling, specially in the bar there is a ladder.

"Avenue bar" is a theater, bar and a mini-disco in one. Located in the center of Moscow, on the street Shchepkina, 42 (Prospect Mira). In this unusual place you can eat, watch movies or football under the open sky, to dance and to lie down on a comfortable large Ottoman.
Winter porch "Avenue bar" turns into a skating rink, it offers a cosy café with mulled wine and hot chocolate.

"The dragon temple" is a very original bar and restaurant, located on Leninsky Prospekt, 37. Inside there is a children's room with slides. Go straight down that hall ducks such as mandarins, which are allowed to feed. But the highlight was a half-fish and turtles.

"Caribbean" is simultaneously a bar, restaurant and club. The originality of his is Latin American, Cuban and European dishes. Also this place serves authentic Caribbean cocktails.

"In the dark" is perhaps the most original of all the places listed. Is located on October street, 2/4. In this bar-restaurant, visitors dine in complete darkness. They begin to understand what they feel blind. Besides, in the dark, you felt the taste of the food.