You will need
  • Wrapping paper, scissors, tape, paper, cloth tape, colored paper, old magazines, glue, colored pencils, markers, acrylic paints, brushes, decorative sequins, plastic.
Original design greeting cards:

Think of a funny poem.

Subscribe the name of his favorite cartoon hero birthday.

Cut out letters from old magazine and glue them to the card.

Make out of colored paper fun origami, create a composition of vivid animal toys, plastic flower and decorative sequins.

Draw a card for the treasure map, let the hero of the occasion will find himself a gift.

Write your congratulatory message in invisible ink.
If you decide to give an ordinary wooden picture frame, try to give it some originality using paint. If the size of the frame allows, make a collage on an interesting topic. For example: baby pictures of the birthday boy, his profession, Hobbies, etc.

If your friend is a doctor and insert it into the frame of his picture in the workplace, and the field frame razreshite or post a picture on the theme of health. Take a plastic syringe or any other medical instrument. Glue to the frame, coat with clear varnish, allow to dry.
Similarly, you can draw a regular photo album.

Try to choose an album, where there are fields to record notes to a photo. Thus, you can put photos where your friend is depicted a medical student, and it is ridiculous to sign them. In the future he will fill this album, and after many years, your gift will become an indispensable attribute of the presentation of the cute family.
Beautifully packaged gift will help you with the wrapping paper and satin ribbon. Nowadays their range is so huge – you only have to show a little imagination. If you have no experience in packing, better leave it to professionals in a specialty store.

The paper can be replaced and a beautiful fabric.
If the sense of humor of your friend and your finances allow you, you can arrange the well-known "surprise cake". And not necessarily to jump out of a beautiful girl, it could be a super hero from the comics or even the President himself!