You will need
  • - a plot of land;
  • - greenhouse;
  • - seeds or seedlings.
Explore greenhouse construction by domestic and foreign manufacturers. It is better to use the same experience of Dutch growers in greenhouse production in this country on 1 square meter of soil you can grow up to 180 pieces of roses "Gabriella".
Choose what you will do – the sale of cut flowers or to grow and sell seedlings. The most undemanding and convenient for planting are onions, which can grow tulips, lilies, hyacinths, daffodils, snowdrops. At observance of conditions of cultivation and proper care from a single bulb in a season you can get about a hundred bulbs. If your plantation is large enough, the profit will be impressive.
Growing popular roses and other flowers with the use of Dutch breeding material is one of promising business opportunities. Take part in the big flower shows, festivals and auctions, which are held in Europe. Purchase there seeds, arrange the supply of seedlings. Consult with German and Dutch specialists-growers, which take part in these exhibitions, establish with them business relationships.
To expand the client base you should not only deal with any one type of flowers – grow on their plantations of plants for every taste, taking into account seasonal and Bank holidays, which must coincide with particularly high yields. The range of your green products needs to be large enough, as well as its price range.
Don't neglect advertising their products, let's ads in the media and the Internet, illustrate them with beautiful pictures. Use the opportunities of free advertising that the Internet provides. Develop a website where you post ads about selling flowers, information about their products, interesting articles about colors and how to properly care for them. Order your business cards and give them to their customers.