To grow a large head of garlic, it is first necessary to pay special attention to the seed. Slices of ripe heads should be fairly easy to separate from each other, Zubkov skin should be pink or purple (but not milky white), dense, dry bottom. In any case, do not drop off a damaged decay or rot of planting material, it will spoil the entire crop.
It is recommended to divide heads of garlic into cloves just before planting. Pre-warm the largest teeth to a temperature of 40 degrees or soak in a solution of salt in one day (three tablespoons of salt per ten gallons of water). Single bulbils are excellent planting material, of which in the future will grow big garlic.
Select for the garlic plot with fertile soil that has a neutral reaction. The best precursors – cucumbers, early cabbage or zucchini, which are made of organic fertilizer. It is not recommended to plant garlic again in the same place sooner than five years from common diseases and pests. You should also avoid plots after the cultivation of potatoes.
Autumn (mid September to late October) after harvesting previous crops for planting garlic, make mineral and organic fertilizers (30 g superphosphate, 5-6 kg of compost or humus, 20 grams potassium chloride per square meter). Then dig the area on a bayonet spade, uniformly mixing the soil with fertilizers.
Prepare the site, start planting cloves ordinary way, the distance between rows should be 20-25 cm. Depending on the size Zubkov, dropped them off at a distance of 5-8 cm from each other. Planting depth is 3-4 cm. Then multiroute the soil two inches of humus or peat.
In spring and summer, the care of the garlic is watered as the drying of the soil, loosening the soil and weeding and also fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers. In early education the shooter immediately remove them, it will help you to grow a larger bulb. Place hands only on the seed plants.