Biological characteristics of garlic

Garlic is a perennial crop, once planted, it can grow in one place for several years, with each year the cloves that give the bulb will decrease in size, but their number will increase. Therefore, gardeners who want to receive annually a large head, this culture is growing as an annual. This garlic should be planted in the ground in spring or autumn, dividing the head into individual cloves.
Fertilizer for garlic: 1 sq m it is necessary to make 5-6 kg of compost, 30 g of superphosphate and 20 g of potassium salt. Before you plant the cloves, add the ground even 10-12 g of ammonium nitrate.

Garlic is a wonderful plant. One and the same variety under different conditions of planting, can form arrows-stalks or not. If the hands are formed, at their ends, in the drop-down boxes, grow lots of little bulblets are ready, which, in fact, are the seeds of garlic can also be planted in the ground. But it's better to use a separate cloves, while keeping in mind that garlic, which was formed in the summer of arrows, better suited for winter planting, and whoever the shooter was, will have to be planted in the ground in the spring.
The garlic, planted before winter, has a high yield, but the shelf life it short until the spring. Spring garlic can be stored from harvest to harvest.

The timing of planting garlic

If you planted garlic for the winter, worry that the teeth will freeze, not worth it – they are not afraid of even severe frosts up to minus 40-45℃. Planting garlic at a depth of 6-7 cm at the end of September – October, during the warmer time of the month and a half before the first frosts so that the cloves have time to take root, but did not germinate.

Before planting, separate the garlic into individual cloves, simultaneously discard defective. Keep in mind, if winter garlic planted in the ground in spring, in summer, you will receive a garlic-odnosov in the dense shell. It should be immediately, since it is not stored for a long time, but it is better to leave for autumn planting, and in this case, the next year you will get a fine crop of heads, each with 4-10 cloves.

Spring, besstrashny, garlic is planted in the ground in early spring as soon as the snow melts. In this case, you must hurry to the cloves have time to build up the vegetative mass and of them formed a large bulb before when it comes to hot weather.