Breeding crayfish

To implement this business in two ways: to breed crayfish in a pond or plant breeding. In terms of the benefits the best way first, but for the home environment will be suitable both.

For breeding crayfish fit the natural ponds or backyard farms and were created artificially with a layer of sand or stone bottom. Crabs prefer sandy or clay soils where there is a sludge, which is necessary for the construction of dwellings norovykh. The intensity of water exchange is also important for crayfish.

In self-breeding of crayfish should pay special attention to the water temperature and its chemical composition. In winter, the pond should not freeze, due to the low temperature water cancers simply go into hibernation until spring, it is not conducive to their development and growth process. The optimal temperature of 18 degrees, it is necessary to maintain in the pond all year round.

From time to time required to make the separation of old and young offspring, to maintain normal development and growth of cancers. In this case, crayfish seining.

How to start a business

First, you need to buy females and males, to be delivered to the pond. A female can lay up to 100 eggs, so you can focus on the purchase quantity of material. The cultivation of self-replicating herd takes 5 years.

Crabs are creatures that are characterized by cannibalism, so in April you want to make catching females, then transplant them into the breeding ponds. Water should be clean, with a constant temperature of 21-22 degrees.

About two years crabs Mature, they during this time reach a length of 10-12 cm, weight 40-70 g For sale often use and yearlings, which also bring a good income. In Russia the most favorable for cultivation are suhoparye and clawed crayfish.

Crayfish to feed it regularly. And though they are omnivores, can eat as the remains of fish and aquatic plants, it is necessary to carry out the dressing, which can be used raw or cooked meat, fish, fodder, vegetables. Food is usually laid out on lattice trays.

Further development of the business

In 4-5 years you can already think about the creation of new reservoirs to increase production capacity. Of course, assuming that we managed to create a large self-replicating herd cancers.

It is worth noting that in this area a small competition, so that retail and wholesale customers will add up quickly. As customers are usually restaurants and cafes.

Breeding crayfish - a business that will be profitable only after several years, but it does not need a large investment.