You will need
  • assistant,
  • - wrench 10 mm,
  • - brake fluid – 1 FL.
Despite the seeming simplicity of the main pumping cylinderand to carry it out alone, and yet no one still failed.
Illuminated the process is reduced to the following sequential actions of both parties:
assistant is placed on the driver's seat of the car,
- colleague closes the fingers all the holes in the cylindere, except the first;
assistant smoothly presses the brake pedal, and sinking it to the end, gives the partner a signal;
partner closes the finger hole of the cylinderand,
- the helper returns the brake pedal to its original position.
The above actions both parties of the process flow is repeated until then, until the liquid from openings of the front section of the main brake cylinderand in the moment of pressing on the brake pedal, the assistant will not start to be extruded jet.
At this stage (liquid filled section of the cylinder, and the brake pedal is in its home position), companion pipe is connected to the front hole of the cylinder (the pipe is twisted almost completely).
The assistant gives the signal to a colleague about the beginning of them pressing on the brake pedal, and a partner at this point carries out the final tightening of the fitting of the tip of the tube.
Finished with the front, start pumping the second section of the master brake cylinder. Pumping the brake fluid in this case is similar to the previous method.
Attach all tubes, check the brake system for the presence of air. In the case of a positive result, it is pumped full.