First and foremost, the victim must understand that she was not alone in such conditions that a lot of them are assisted.

Next, you need to help the victim in the restoration of contacts with the outside world - the emotional and even real. After all, home is the aggressor often isolates their victim - demands to break off relations with friends and acquaintances, insists on the dismissal.

Then it may be a very useful acquisition for the lost social status, awareness of their importance to society. Here can help some unskilled work is now possible through the Internet; does not require special efforts, social activities. Addiction in the family is usually expressed economically - and its own, albeit small, source of income greatly increases the sense of importance. Rarely manages to convince the victim, the next beating, to commit assault and sue the offender.

In the event of a release from a family of addiction, the former the victim is yet to undergo a course of psychotherapy aimed at restoring a sense of security. There are various methods, developed mostly by foreign psychiatrists - methods of Freud, Jung, method, Gestalt therapy and others. The choice of method is also very individual approach is important; and, often, psychotherapy sessions and not give a lasting result.