Psychologists specializing in this field, noted the victims of domestic violence mental and physiological stress, increasing the feeling of fear, despair and helplessness, profound personality changes, suicidal intentions. Experts have developed some tips for rendering like the first (emergency) aid to victims, and follow-up aimed at out of this situation.

The victim of domestic violence, you must first speak, to tell the person who deserved her trust, his family's situation. If you were able somehow motivate her to do this, we can speak about a certain achievement, because usually domestic violence is not subject to, experiencing shame, guilt, fear that the conversation will be known to the aggressor. The interlocutor should not "put pressure" on the victim, demanding to tell you everything at once. Convinced of the reliability of the consultant, the victim herself be open to him more and more examples of violence and their experiences.

In no case should one try to talk to the rapist: he will take it only as a fact that dependent on the guy's face, someone complained. It is also unacceptable to the outsourcing on the victim's guilt, helplessness, inability to fight back. Tactfully expressed sympathy will help the victim to perceive their situation as something abnormal and stimulates to search of ways of its modification.