As for perfumes, I should say that full-bodied smell can be annoying to others. For this reason, perfumers dilute perfume with a chocolate scent other components. They are an integral part of the composition, and to use this fragrance daily.

Talk about dark chocolate

The first is to tell you about the fragrances with the smell of chocolate can be felt immediately. For example, this aroma Covet. Due to the presence of top notes of chocolate in this flower perfume, the smell is interpreted deeper.

There are scents that have warm notes of chocolate, for example, perfume Matt Chocolate. There is a wood color the toilet water, Jill. Also, there are other tasty ingredients, such as grapefruit or watermelon. It is like a fruit candy.

The composition of floral scent includes not only chocolate, but also violet and berries. Therefore, perfumers try to make the chocolate smell is not so Intrusive. It is not so pronounced gourmet component. The smell of chocolate feels unstable.

We should also mention the perfume brand Escada. Enhances the smell of chocolate and coffee. Another option is a floral perfume "Black Orchid".

Perfume with the smell of white chocolate

What about those who prefer black, and white chocolate. On the revenue they will come night interpretation of the fragrance "Night at the fifth Avenue." White chocolate in this base note, so you should wait until the smell. Another example of such a perfume – the scent of Fantasy from Britney spears.

Perfume with the smell of coffee

Close to the scent of chocolate coffee flavor. It is part of such aromas as "Intense coffee" or Calvin Klein. A good option is cocoa flavor. An example of such perfumes – fragrances "to Be happy" or "Christian Dior".

This is not a complete list of spirits shokoladi aroma. Searching the same perfumes you can go to special sites. There you can choose a perfume at a price that is the main note, and also aromas within their structure.