Unusual smells that make women

The research of Dr. Alan Hirsch has proved that men's perfume is absolutely not necessary, and for women one of the most attractive smell is the aroma of fresh baking. In the course of the research, Hirsch found out that women absolutely do not like the smell of cherry, roasted meat and too sweet men's Cologne, but the scent of fresh cucumbers causes the excitation. Women quite care for the smell of men, so it is important to understand that in addition to cucumbers makes them pleasant associations and emotions.
Do not choose too tart and persistent perfume, it can be a headache.

Expensive men's fragrance purely associative attracts women, because the correct "male" aroma is the evidence of stability, solidity and high income men. This combination is associated with the idea of "adult" men. So don't skimp on a good men's perfume without excessive sweet notes.

The smell of tobacco appeals to many women because it gives them the Association with the wild West, movies, cigars. So do not have to smoke cigarette after cigarette or cigar for a cigar when a woman, enough from you came the aroma of good tobacco.

Romantic nature crazy about the smell of the sea. Probably triggered an idealized image of the brave sailor. Optional to Charter a ship with scarlet sails to please a particularly romantic enough to smell the sea.

Clean smells of meadows, flower meadows and forests, too, like romantic nature. Such a bouquet of aromas associated with a romantic nature who are willing to write poems, sing songs and give flowers huge bouquets.

The subtle scent of a good wine appeals to many women. Maybe it's a subconscious Association with the French, which every girl knows that they are gallant and passionate lovers.
Before you invite a girl home, create a suitable "fragrant" atmosphere. This will help you to configure the guest in the desired fashion.

The stimulating aroma is the smell of the male body

However, these smells only complement the main male smell – pungent, natural musk smell, characteristic of the male sweat. It is clear that it is not necessary to throw the deodorant into the far corner, stopping to use it, but maybe should change it to a less odorous, it is proved that the human body produces a scent that influences the hormones of the people of the other sex. Androstadienone, considered a male hormone which performs signal functions, if inhaled, causes sexual arousal in women. In women, improves mood, increases blood pressure, quickens the heartbeat and, of course, improves mood.