According to Greek mythology, the Latin name of the lilac "Syringa" comes from the name of the nymph who, to escape from danger, turned into a cane. The word "syrinks" in Greek means "a pipe" - in the antiquity of its branches, indeed, did the flute. But fame lilac brought not Greek mythology in all the world, this plant is known for its lush flowers, which emit a subtle and gentle aroma.

Fragrance of flowers of lilac is called "alpha-terpineol". It is a terpene alcohol. If the alpha-terpineol smells like lilacs, beta-terpineol - hyacinth, and gamma-terpineol - the colors of the roses. The smell of flowers of lilac is so popular that on its basis to create the fragrance. There are many perfumes with the scent of lilac.

Eclat d Arpège Lanvin

Perfume Eclat d Arpège Lanvin released by perfumer Karine Dubreuil in the early 2000-ies. These perfumes smell the mixture of aromas of green lilac, peach, peony and other colors. Basic touch belongs to the lilac. The smell is especially revealed in the cool weather - in this case, the resistance of the strong lilac scent and the trail provided to you. A bottle of 100 ml capacity is approximately 1,930 rubles.

Pur Desir de Lilas Lilac and Mauve Yves

The composition of Pur Desir de Lilac from Yves Rocher, a woman called "the purple". Aroma Pur Desir de Lilac Yves Rocher has two main components - the lilacs and almonds. This perfume has an average plume and average resistance. The smell of lilacs - so bright that some buy Pur Desir de Lilac just to make the long winter evenings to remember the spring. Unfortunately, Pur Desir de Lilac hard to find in stores. One more "lilac" perfume from Yves Rocher Lilas Mauve is called Yves. This fragrance was released in 2012 and immediately won the hearts of buyers. Perfumes smell of pure lilac, but don't bother others. The only drawback to this fragrance - it is very briefly held.

Riga lilac

The name of the fragrance "the Riga lilac" by Dzintars speaks for itself. The main notes in the composition of this perfume belongs to the lilac and heliotrope. The special charm of these spirits adds the fact that he loved our mom. The perfume cost is ridiculous - about 150 rubles per bottle of 15 ml.

En Passant

Another fragrance with the scent of lilacs - En Passant Olivia Giacobetti. In 2000 was released by the perfumer Olivia Giacobetti. The perfume exudes a fresh smell of lilacs, which cannot be confused with anything else. Fresh, light scent lasts a few hours.