But if rashochetsya?

Before you make tattoo, you must realize that it is forever. Quite forever, irrevocably. In the Internet you can find horrific methods of information tattoos, all of them are either ineffective or cause severe chemical burns. The only adequate way of get rid tattoo – mixing laser, but he can't give a perfect result, the skin will leave marks, possibly deep scars.

You should be aware that there are temporary tattoos that any promises to get a tattoo for a month, six months, a year or a publicity stunt. If the paint needle pierce your skin, the ink will remain under the skin forever.

Decide whether you are ready for it. Thinking about this issue should devote a lot of time, and if you have the slightest doubt, then discard the idea with the tattoo.

And if the skin is sagging?

Opponents of tattoos often say that the human body is prone to changes. Tattoo on stomach girls obviously will undergo changes after pregnancy, the same thing will happen with a tattoo with a strong set or reset weight. The skin is stretched, sometimes SAG, of course, along with the tattoo.

However, sagging skin is in any case will look unattractive – how with tattoo or without, so this argument is rather weak.

But if you are afraid that the tattoo may be deformed when you change the weight, discard it.

What you say grandchildren?

Another argument of opponents of tattoos is that any person is aging, and older to wear a tattoo, sort of undignified. The argument is as controversial as the previous one, but much more psychological. Proponents of this view focus on the modern older people, their way of life, the impression which they produce. However, by the time when the elderly will be you most likely will change some social norms, along with them will change and the image of an elderly person. Also, do not forget that, with the current fashion for tattoos, in 40-50 years, a large number of old people will have tattoos, so to stand out too much you will not.
Not enough to decide on a tattoo it's also important to choose the right pattern that will not bother and will not cease to be relevant. Therefore, tattooists, for example, advise their clients not to write their names on their loved ones.

But if in your mind lives the idea of an elderly man as an intellectual, a modest and understated, not preelude modern trends, you should stop tattooing.

And if you take the infection?

In fact, it is the most appropriate and powerful argument against of all. If you decide to get a tattoo you must find great wizard that works in complete sterility, professional and experienced. Of course, the cost of the tattoo from the masters is quite high, but otherwise you don't end consequence. This applies both to the appearance of the tattoo and the safety of your health. The needle penetrates the skin, so the slightest breach of sterility could lead to blood poisoning, suppuration, and other very unpleasant things. And the tattoo is in the hands of an Amateur will be very not aesthetic.
The tattoo artist must use disposable games and caps for paints, gloves, everything he touches must be treated with preservative. If even one condition is not met, cancel the services.

If you decided to do a tattoo, learn all the best salons and private Studio in your city, read reviews, ask advice from professionals. Only in this case, you will not regret with time about his decision.