The benefits of applying the tattoo on the lower back

Earlier tattoos on the lower back were found more frequently in males, but in recent years they have become very popular among women. Pictures printed on the lower back, make a woman more sexy and attractive. In most cases, this part of the body covered by clothing, and a tattoo can only be seen briefly, which gives even more mystery.

There is a large selection of tattoo designs applied to the lower back. The figures, used in men, significantly different from those who prefer ladies. In General, all of the tattoo applied on this part of the body can be divided into two categories: extensive damage across the surface of the lower back and simple — a small picture from the center up or down.

There are several reasons for such great popularity of lower back tattoos:
- first, on the lower back enough space to fulfill all your fantasies;
- secondly, the skin is more elastic, less stretched, allowing you to keep good appearance of the image are almost to old age;
- thirdly, a tattoo on the lower back easy to hide under clothing.

Popular tattoo

The most common patterns to be applied to the lower back, is the image of a snake, Scorpion, dragon, flowers, butterflies and exotic tribal patterns.

Tribal patterns - perhaps the most common type of tattoos done on the lower back. These include tattoo Africa, Celtic, Polynesian and other tribes of the world. These tattoos symbolize strength and perfection of the spirit of its owner.

Image the serpent symbolizes wisdom, inner power and energy. Recently snake tattoos are very popular. Not surprisingly, people attracted to their mystical power, because since ancient times they were associated with many legends.

Dragon tattoos are very common among lovers of body art. The dragon is considered one of the most revered mythological creatures and is a symbol of power, authority and wisdom. Image of the dragon was applied along the spine all the emperors of China and their spouses, so the figure of the dragon, located on the back, is a symbol of power.

Among the floral designs are very popular among girls is the image of a Lotus. The figure in the form of a Lotus flower symbolizes femininity, elegance, divine birth, purity and chastity.

The image of a Scorpion is quite common on the body of men and women. Scorpio is one of the most dangerous and most revered of the animal world. Depending on the culture, the image of a Scorpion can be a symbol of nobility and self-sacrifice, wisdom and control, loneliness, death and betrayal.

The butterfly tattoo is very popular among the fair sex. These graceful creatures have long been considered the symbol of the soul, rebirth and the ability to change. There are plenty of tattoo designs butterfly. Choose a black image of a butterfly made of Celtic pattern.

Kind of tattoo to do, each decides for himself. It is important that it has become a decoration and bright individuality.